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< Message from Company HQ >

< Received at 800-21-532 Cycles >

Attention Employee,

As you may have noticed, your sector has been overrun by an alien presence. We know nothing about their intentions but after their destruction of most of our communication satellites in the system we can assume they are hostile. The fact that they have not yet bombarded your facility leads us to believe they are planning on plundering the fuel stockpiles you have been accumulating. This cannot happen. That moon and the resources it holds are vital to our cause.

A rescue party has been deployed to extract you and salvage our stockpiles, but it will be some time before they reach you. It is imperative that you protect the fuel reserves in your stores, as without them nobody will be returning from that moon and no counter-offensive can be mounted. You have clearance to reroute all salvaged resources into the fabrication of defence systems to aid you in your task. Communications will be few and far between with a real possibility of a complete communications blackout to come.

The situation is dire. Godspeed, Employee. Hang in there, help is on its way.

< End of Message >

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Goal of the Game

Starting with limited resources, you shoot down incoming waves of enemies and gain valuable scrap from the wreckage.

Scrap can be exchanged for better weapons in order to progress further in the game.

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Hannes van Zyl for early testing
Moritz Frauenstein for the storyline
Viope Solutions and the GDWC 2013
David Geary for his HTML5 development practices

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